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Marriage, they say is honorable and a very sweet adventure. But one wrong step can ruin a very sweet union ordained by God himself. A home without love is a breeding ground for a bad community which sooner or later becomes the society.

So, when you’ve got the opportunity to make it right by delivering or anchoring a seminar on marital issues, do well to buttress the importance of understanding in any relationship. Understanding is a fundamental aspect of love, yes. Once a partner stops being understanding, the love dies a natural death.

A school of thought once had it that there’s no love. I quite disagree with that but yet there are elements of truth in such statement, because respect is another core values in a relationship. I was made to understand that once you start abusing a partner, the love you once had for them dies.

It is lack of respect that makes someone to ignore your presence. You may feel lonely while you’re still in a relationship because your views are not being respected. Most guys tends to believe that sex and money equates emotional attachment. Often times, it may be correct but other times, it is a very wrong assertion.

Bonding is an essential components of any relationship. Always make it a point of duty to know someone before saying I do. The rate of divorce has gone up astronomically and we are going to face a higher rate if not properly handled.

Nobody wants to be alone in a relationship. Yet, most partners are alone, as their discussions end disjointedly without any positivity.

Being in relationship and yet you feel you are alone most times? Have you thought of calling someone you love but within you, you know they don’t miss you? That’s emotional distance.

It is often times a product of small disagreements and arguments. To curb this, a heart to heart conversation is needed. Phone conversation is good but face to face talk would is always better.

Have you ever thought of the emotional distance between a husband and wife? People certainly go through lots of pressure in their relationships and marriages but how they scale through all of this is in theirs alone.

Love is a journey, and forgiveness is a necessity for any relationship to work. Yet, one should be sensitive whenever there arises a need to spot a negative development. You can always forgive partner and forget about an issue if you truly love them. But most times, some persons don’t forgive themselves.

Love is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. Yes, patience is key to life, we know. But how long can one remain in a lifeless relationship, coupled with abuses and fights?

We sometimes make the mistake of marrying whom our friends, social class and families wants us to marry, but in the end, we end up walking alone in the marital relationship.

May God guide the hearts of all singles out there today. Always remember this, your choices and decisions would be your future very soon.

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