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Legendary video of Fela condemning police brutality surfaces online (VIDEO)



Legendary Fela foresaw police brutality long before it metamorphosed into what it is now.
In a very short video skit, the late afro musician, said ‘South Africa is better than Nigeria”.

His reason is that whites killed blacks because of racism in South Africa, while blacks kill blacks in Nigeria for no reason.
Police drag and kill innocent people for no cause.
However, it seems the time has come for Nigerian youths to take the fight in their hands.

The trending #ENDSARS PROTEST is something that was never thought of or heard since independence.
It all started like joke, but now it’s a reality. National leaders has however called on the presidency to do the needful by yielding to the demands of the youths, as they dear this might lead to national unrest and political upheaval.

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