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Arise oh Nigerian Youth.



They say that “the Youths are the leaders of tomorrow”! Now I ask a rhetorical question; how can the Youths be the leaders of tomorrow, when the older generation have seized power and have blatantly refused to allow the Youths to showcase themselves? Almost in every sector in Nigeria, Youths are relegated except for those that have a “Godfather Figure” It is therefore not surprising to note that almost every Youth would gladly elope the country at the slightest opportunity.

Over the years, Nigeria have experienced different levels of corruption, but the one we presently face is by far the worst of them. In Nigeria today, you’ll struggle to go to school and upon graduation you’ll begin to regret why you even had to spend so much to go to school, it’s even more annoying when you see that your brother/friend/neighbour who rather than go to school decided to learn a trade/craft, doing way better than you; even willing to employ you the said graduate!
Everywhere, you’ll see graduates doing demeaning jobs just to survive, Oh what a pity! I dare say that not many graduates have had to earn a living with their certificate.

Most Youths today are waiting for an opportunity to enter into politics/government office so as to be able to embezzle funds, as it is now seen as an easy way to wealth with protection from law enforcement agents. Internet fraud is now the order of the day, denting the image of Nigeria in the international scene.

In our country today, professionalism has been sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity; as we have unqualified persons in different offices because they have godfathers that can speak on their behalf, while our brightest heads languish, hence resulting in massive brain drain.

I weep for Nigeria; today we turn 60, yet we act like we are just 10. Take a look at countries like Rwanda and South Africa who had to battle with ethnic and racial crisis after Nigeria had ended her civil war; infact Nigeria played an integral role in helping to quell the problems in these countries, today we can’t compare Nigeria to any of them. Statistically, more than 85% of Nigerian Youths are involved in betting, yes betting! What do you expect in a country where there is no concrete plan for the youths; you apply for a job, because you don’t have a godfather, you are denied the job even when they know that you are the best man for the job; they say become an entrepreneur, is it paper that you use to start up a business? Even the ones that manage to start up little businesses are constantly frustrated by government policies, Nigeria what is the way forward?

I hear that government is planning Vision 2050, to what end? If I may ask, how many Youths are actively involved in the planning? It is not everyone that planned Vision 2020, that were alive to see 2020, hence it is only rational to involve to a great extent representatives of the group whose interest you claim to be protecting, otherwise it’ll just be another means through which some unscrupulous persons get to embezzle funds.

Whenever I sing the National Anthem, I pray for God’s intervention in the affairs of Nigeria, especially that part in the 2nd stanza that says “Guide our leaders right, help our Youths the truth to know”. This is supposed to be a prayer and a clarion call! The question is do our leaders want to be helped? Are the Youths able to recognize and act on the truth? Arise oh Nigerian Youth! It is time for us to take the bull by the horn and rescue our darling country from the hands of destroyers.

Nigeria at 60, are we really TOGETHER? We need to retrace our steps and set our priorities right, so help us God.

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