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Covid 19: The Reality



The Covid19 pandemic has caused lots of sporadic reactions and counter reactions; while some very few people have somehow been able to accumulate wealth, the finance of the vast majority have been greatly diminished. In Nigeria, so many people are yet to be convinced of the existence of Covid19, most people are of the opinion that government is using the virus as a cover story for siphoning the nation’s wealth. You can’t really blame them because the government of Nigeria has time and again shown that she is more interested in the financial benefits the virus brings rather than safeguarding the lives of her citizens.
When the whole virus thing started, there were appeals from different corners to government, to give some form of palliative to help cushion the financial effect of the virus on citizens. The government however resorted to giving monies to (according to them), poorest of the poor in Nigeria, and within a short while they claimed to have shared billions of Naira to Nigerians. As if that was not enough they embarked on another venture, this time they said they were feeding public/government school children (primary and secondary). To even make matters worse they continue to seek ways to borrow money to tackle the virus. If all these monies they claim to have spent, was used for the welfare of the people then the whole situation would have been better managed. The most annoying is that they told us Nigeria was in recession, yet they had the temerity to approve 37billion naira to renovate the National Assembly Complex, who is fooling who? Please let’s note that this is only but a few ways through which our irresponsible and insensitive government have resorted to embezzle funds.
Over the past months, the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has consistently updated on a daily basis the amount of new cases discovered, if I may ask, what is their testing capacity? Are they really testing people? I am not about to deny the fact of the existence of Covid19, but to educate us more so we don’t live in denial. As we already know, Covid19 has got symptoms that are similar to malaria, hence you might have the virus and not know you do. Africa has over the years been ravaged by malaria, as a result our immune system have built a sort of defence to fight the sickness to an extent.
From my findings, I have discovered that so many people in the last 2months have had malaria and typhoid with the associated symptoms. Many of these people, aside the normal symptoms they lost their sense of smell and taste, which are signs and symptoms of Covid19. With these I came to the realisation that lots of Nigerians have already been infected with the virus and have even recovered without them even knowing it. While government continue to give us figures all for the sake of encroaching the financial side of the virus, real people are getting the virus and even dying from it. Ask yourself why is it that people are dying from slight illness? Why is there an increased number of deaths in Nigeria this year? We’ve had mysterious deaths in Kano and Jigawa States, yet you say there is no Covid19!
We started June 2020 with about 10,000 plus cases, the said month has not ended and we are already having almost 25,000 cases. People have become so oblivious of the existence of the virus that the policy of social distancing and wearing of nose masks has become almost none existence. People now hang the nose masks on their chin so as to avoid embarrassment from enforcement agents, which ought not to be so; who are you protecting, the enforcement agents or yourselves? If the government has refused to be responsible, should we then throw caution in the air and be reckless with our lives? If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will.
From the foregoing, I have hence come to the realisation that the numbers being given by the NCDC daily, are not even up to the actual number of cases out there. If the test is conducted well, we will have much more numbers than we already have, probably running into hundreds of thousands.



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