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Creating business connection during covid-19



In an uncertain time like this, where no one knows what will happen next, human connection is key for business growth.

How well do you connect with your clients in a week or have you taken time to let them know some developmental details? Your clients are humans too, send them goodwill messages on any platform, let them know they are not alone in this time.

Business connections with clients could be multi-tasking, but in the end it’s worth it. The time you choose to be quiet and do nothing could be the time another person in your line of business sells an idea to them. Now, that you still have all the time, be creative and get in touch with them.

How do you create business connection with clients: There are several ways to create a budding business relationship or connection with your clients. However, for the purpose of this short thesis, we shall discuss the electronic means, which is very suitable in a crisis ridden time like this.

  1. Communicate directly with your customers: Luckily for us, our telcommunication providers have helped us with free short messages, some cheaper data rates. So communicating with a client would be easier, as we can easily send SMS, Direct Messages on all social media platforms including Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and the ever popular WhatsApp. This will create awareness and reduce the distance that might have been caused by this coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Take your business online: Yes, your business is already online, but what are you doing to promote the awareness of most stocks? Sometimes, as businessmen, we tend to have the notion that a customer knows what we have despite not making a concerted effort to get them to know about it. What about going LIVE on Instagram, Facebook page, short WhatsApp videos on your status, creating a working business website and even YouTube page? It is statistically proven that people like seeing short videos than reading plain text like this. They get bored easily and never get the message with most write-ups. Some create awareness for an upcoming LIVE VIDEO on Instagram and Facebook, let them know you want to go live at such a time, trust me, most will join and see what you’re doing or have to say.
  3. Get your message: What is your message? Make sure you don’t get your clients bored by saying one thing over and over again. Be super creative, let them know you can still do business in such a time and make them understand how it’s going to work. Create out time yourself, write down what you want to tell them with your graphics card and designs, your LIVE VIDEOS and even messages. Don’t be in a hurry to drive a message across but be persistent and consistent.
  4. Comments: finally, give room for feedback. Let them follow up with their remarks and comments. Read and take questions online. Let them understand that it’s business communication as usual and this will help dragg traffic to your online shop.

In the end, we will all win and have a good story to tell, please stay home, stay safe and follow us for more business tips @omniblogng.

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