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We are giving loans even in this critical time, ROSABON MD



If the current lockdown caused by the spread of Coronavirus is threatening your future plans due to lack of access to funds and you have no hope of getting financial aids, then ROSABON is your best bet. This is according to the financial non banking institution.

The leading Non-Bank Financial Institution has announced an emergency loan of up to 6 Million Naira during this lockdown, which can be accessed within 24 hours. The lockdown has had its toll on Nigerians whose businesses and works have been affected.

However, the Managing Director of Rosabon Financial Services, Mr. Chukwuma Ochonogor, “Rosabon is not unmindful of this reality, and that is why, as a reliable partner to millions of eligible individuals and small businesses across Nigeria for over two decades, it has boosted its loan offering to mitigate the impact of this lockdown by providing a loan of up to 6 Million Naira, with a flexible repayment plan of up to 15 months.”

He added, “To access to a loan, all you have to do is to provide your passport photographs, a valid identification and utility bill to authenticate your address.”

Even better, the loans are non-collateralized – meaning you don’t have to bring any collateral. It also comes with flexible repayment plans and at an unbeatable single digit interest rate.

As one of the leading Non-Bank Financial Institutions, you can rest assured of a seamless process with our super-efficient credit experts walking you through every step of your transaction.

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