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Covid-19 and Event planning



It is no longer a news that almost all events in the world have been called off. Millions of dollars have been lost by organizers and many more will be lost if it persists. The world mentality would change for sure, the way we organize events would be different, our gatherings might be limited and many would even like to send their gifts instead of gracing that events.
However, with every news agencies talking about the pandemic, it is time to take time out as an event planner and think of the aftermath of the virus.
One thing we know for sure is that our world, the way we think and behave, the way we organize events may never be the same again. With these sweeping changes across the globes, people mentality, especially those affected by the pandemic would never be the same. Trust Nigerians and Africans, our events may not change but there might be a shift in our plans for events. Trust Europeans and Americans who had the worst records so far, there will be restrictions in gatherings from now on.


1. Make it as brief as possible
As an event planner, you must think of a better way to manage time from now on. Nobody would like to come to an event and spend quality time at the events. People are going to get bored from now on and their mentality must have shifted after being indoors for weeks.
You don’t expect someone who is now used to, making frequent use of hand sanitizers and soap and water to be at your events all day long, neither do you expect people to get exposed to a suspected “Covid-19 HOTSPOTS” zone. By the HOTSPOTS ZONE, I mean outside their own domain.
At this point in time, everyone is a suspect, everyone, sneezing, coughing and feverish. It will take time for people to adjust mentally and psychologically to the latest happenings and trends, so it will be a masterclass acts from you, if you don’t, time leave you behind.
You must be proactive and be able to tell your celebrants what is a good usage of time and how to get the best out of the chosen time frame. Don’t get confused here, the world is chaging, so is events, thus event planners should change for the better, especially the time aspects.

2. Make it as colourful as you can

Despite the brevity of an events, people love it when they get good values for their investments. How do you make it colourful?
The first thing you should do as an event planner is to know the budget of the clients, try and work within the available resources and make useful contributions. By doing this, you are selling yourself to the world and not only serving your clients purposes.
Another thing is to make the plans as clear as you can to yourself and maybe your staff, so they won’t be left behind during the build-up to the ‘D-DAY’. Try as much as you can to delegate work to your sub-ordinate, workers while you pay close attentions to their progress.
Don’t rush into planning an events you don’t know the knitty-gritty of the service to be rendered, take time out to study the whole scenario and carefully bullet-points important ones and make sure you handle it yourself or delegate it to a trusted leiutenant.
Again, give yourself that little time if you want to. Time to think of how best you can handle an event, By this, you can concentrate on the most important things and this will give you the best results.

3. Don’t make hasty decisions
Time will pressurize us to make decisions, when this is all over. We will be so tempted to fix a wedding ceremony just a day after the end of this pandemic outbreak. However, remember that the world would judge you based on the performance and how colourful your an event organized by you was. A client may wish to reccommend for a friend and associate if only you’d very well. Therefore, it is imperative you make good use of your time, give the best you can and make it as lively as you can.

4. Plan Your Next Event as if it’s the last
Plan your next event as if it would be your last event as a planner. Don’t give room to mediocrities and never allow the thoughts of second class crip into your mind. Make up your mind to give your audience that first class touch and event. You should use everything within the whims of abilities to make the events work as well as you would love yours to work.

5.Go Digital if you can
Events planning could be enthralling, so also is every other work of life. Think digital, go digital, you can simulate, you can use computers to discuss business with would-be clients. Create the impression that you are ready to serve and give your audience that taste they truly deserves.

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