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Were we ready for covid-19?



There is fear in the land as the deadly coronavirus ravages amongst citizens, rich and poor inclusive.

The covid-19 is no-respecter of any as the rich have suffered from the pandemic disease. But the question on my lips is, were Nigerians really ready for this? Was our government prepared to combat the looming and lurking danger ahead when they allowed our Ports to be opened to Global HOTSPOT regions?

What did we do when the index case was reported? Was any stringent action taken to avoid a repeat?

Today, as I write, it’s with a heavy heart, because reports has it that we recorded an index death case from the covid-19 virus. Not for the first time in history, our government failed us again.

People clamoured for our Ports to be closed but we failed to act promptly. What was this government thinking, that the pandemic is a fluke and has no weight? His Excellency, former Vice President, Atiku pleaded with this government to do so but to no avail.

Let’s be reminded that Nigeria had a period of grace few countries had. After our index covid-19 case (the Italian), we had almost two weeks in which no other case was recorded or reported. That was our buffer period.

However, within this period, the virus had fortunately taken a definite shape and pattern across the globe, the world most hit countries had already been revealed—China, Italy, Iran, Spain, UK, US and co. These were advantages very few countries had in this war against the pandemic Covid-19, which any compos mentis nation would grab with both arms. But, alas, this is Nigeria.

We left our entry points open. Some very ignorant citizens started commending this equally ignorant government for this very move.

Unfortunately, we recorded another case. Then another. And then another. Boom! About 95% or more of our confirmed cases were of people who came in FROM THE HOSTSPOTS at a time this virus was raging!

With all these advantages we had, God had being very merciful, yet we are crying for help now, when we could have avoided this.

Where was the medical team at the airport when the late Achimugu flew in? How the hell did he fly in “FROM A HOTSPOT” and didn’t get quarantined!

Now, the common man is afraid to take a walk down the street. Why? Because, we have failed ourselves collectively as leaders and followers.

Please for those who would say “you cannot just shut the airports down that way”, I’d drop these few questions:

  • Major countries of the world was shutting down, what would that costs Nigeria to do so?
  • We all have right to freely come in to our Nation, but it would’ve been better if we have measures laid down to quarantine anyone from HOTSPOT REGION.
  • In a world where America is setting up a $1Tn package, Spain a $200bn package, and other countries having to appropriate billions of dollars in economic and social intervention, can the gains of leaving our doors open be compared to the cost we will bare for that decision? Our annual budget is just about $40bn, just to set a perspective.
  • Now, we’ve unknowingly joined the ranks of the world Covid-19 regions, do you think the US or UK would’ve allowed her citizens come to Nigeria if we were one of the GLOBAL HOTSPOT regions without being quarantined for atleast two weeks?

Did we for once think that we are so eternally immuned that nothing can touch us, even the covid-19 virus? We have been so careless as a nation. Educated and non-educated citizens has had the guts to doubt the reality of the virus. And now we are here.

We are in this messy situation today because the Government of the land has not being proactive in approach. Lackadaisically, they’ve been since the inception of this outbreak, but one would expect the government of the land to act promptly as it concerns the overall well-being of the citizens.

Now, the President’s daughter was self quarantined or rather self isolated. Is that why we didn’t ban flights from UK? And Atiku’s son is in Gwagwalada hospital. For the first time a rich man’s son will not be flown abroad for medication.

As critical as this article maybe, this is a time when our so called politicians and big boys will have a taste of what it means to be sick in Nigeria. But time and history has taught Nigerians, leaders and followers nothing.

Who will now tell our leaders it’s time to build our hospitals and stop spending money on medical trips? Or better still, who would’ve thought that even the President’s daughter will be self isolated?

At Randall General hospital, Surulere, Lagos State, as at last week no hand sanitizers. In a hospital? What do we expect from individuals especially the uneducated to think, that the virus truly existed or exists? We talk of awareness but we don’t do the needful.

However, Lagos State Government has tried in a way. Atleast at the Yaba Centre for Disease Control there are beds unlike others in other regions. Lagos State has being able to create awareness but must do more.

We were not ready!!!

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