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A closed world?



If you’re still doubting the threat that the pandemic coronavirus poses to the world, take a careful look at the impact it’s effects has had on the world leading businesses.

From the richest businessman, Buffet to Bill Gates and Zuckerberg to the least business owner, the negative impact is massive. We will definitely look into that in our next article.

Without businesses, the world economy nosedives into oblivion. The works of businessmen has facilitated development as well as carter for a million needs of men.

Reports, however has it that most businessmen has lost a fortune of their investment. This has will definitely take a toll on the world’s economy.

Just like a Nigeria former Minister of Education, Ezekwesili said a fortnight, “our world will never remain the same”.

However, when this is over, we may be able to go back to our normal lifestyle and do businesses as usual. But, those who were infected or lost loved ones may or will never be the same.

Winnings and losses are part of life, but loosing to a natural force tends to have a much lasting effects negatively.

While hoping that this come to an end as quickly as possible as well as wish everyone affected a quick healing process, we hope you keep yourself and loved ones safe from dangers in this trying times.

The world may looks closed and done, but it’s still not the end of time. You still have breathe, and a hope of striving on. The world is awaiting your gentleman awakening from this pandemic. A sleeping giant in you must be reawakened, after all this too if not over will be curbed.