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Coronavirus: Stop overloading your vehicle- FRSC warns drivers.



The Federal Road Safety Authority (FRSC) has warned car drivers of cars overloading with passengers as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

The Corps advised all vehicle drivers to only carry one person and three in a row, while motorcyclists should only carry one person at a time so that passengers can protect themselves and look after the symptoms when traveling to destinations.

In a statement on Saturday in Abuja, FRSC Public Education Officer Bisi Kazeem said Corps Marshal, Dr Boboye O Oyeyemi told us that passengers should try to remain away from crowded cars all the time, regardless of how urgently their trip takes place.

It is better to fly late than to take unhealthy acts which will lead to contraction or spread of the virus at this point, according to him, as the world has already had plenty of the pandemic.

He also advice that motorist who notice anykimd of flu should stay away to avoid spreading of the virus.

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