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African content like Ogelle would impact employment says OBJ



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has commended’s management for creating a platform devoted only to promoting African content. When the Ogelle team led by its founder Osita Oparaugo paid him a visit in Ota, Ogun State, Obasanjo gave the commendation.

The team that was in Ota to congratulate on the 83rd birthday anniversary of the former president introduced the platform and presented it with a T-shirt marked with Ogelle. Obasanjo admired the T-Shirt and expressed joy at seeing that only African content created a platform.

The former President noted that; “What you have created is huge, focus is right and there’s content all over Africa, just the medium for promotion and distribution is what our youths need to excel. I thank you for creating this and coming to present it to me.”

Speaking further, he noted that in this digital age, the digital space can create a lot of jobs for African youths while charging the team to consider home first in promoting the platform. “In all you do and wherever you may go in promoting this platform, remember Nigeria first and then Africa – because in the beginning was Nigeria and in the end will be Nigeria,” Obasanjo said.

Oparaugo, said he and his team decided to pay Obasanjo a visit and introduce him to the platform, because the former president has shown in so many ways that he has African stability and development at heart.

“Our mission is to provide a truly global platform for African content creators by connecting them to audiences across several cultures and providing relevant content for the intellectual, cultural and social development of African continent. With users across the continent of Africa, Ogelle has the capacity to create employment opportunities and an avenue for creative expression to millions of African youths,” Oparaugo said.

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