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Whykay : I saw my boobs as a burden, not a blessing when I was growing up



Ogunjimi Adeyinka is a music artist, actor and content designer known in the field of entertainment as Whykay.

She became popular on Instagram for her interesting skits. Popular ones she did was her boobs with OAP Nedu from Wazobia FM. Actually, they caused turmoil. The ondo-born artist talks about her boobs and other things in a conversation with Potpourri. “I hated my boobs growing up.

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I thought it was a burden, but I’m now grown up and I know it’s a blessing, “she said, explaining how they helped her in her career. ” I’m not going to say it’s what helped my career because I know what I’m doing, but, if I concentrate on that when it helped my career, I’ll tell it’s when managers need busty women, “she said.

Why she hated the boobs when she grew up, she said that she would never forget about an experience.

When she was in school, walking side by side with her friend, a boy who was passing by, saw her boobs and shouted “see breast !” That was so embarrassing. I ran home and started crying ..