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Ultimate Love reality show, 2020; everything you need to know



16 contestants will enter the ultimate love reality show to look for love. In a age that has gone too digital, nobody will blame anyone for entering a reality show to find bae. Don’t say this is ridiculous, when we are all on social media giving our careers a quantum lift.

The contestants” Love Guests,” entered the house on the evening of 9 February 2020. The pair with the highest number of votes on the last day will be crowned the Ultimate Couple. Basically, 8 couples will play to win a traditional wedding and a fully furnished house (but only if they decide to get married).

If they don’t end up getting married, they’ll get a cash prize and other prizes that will be revealed to us as the show proceeds.

Theses contestants are strangers and are meant to bond while in the house.

just like BBN, there will be an Aunty who will monitor everything.

There will be pairing as there are 8 men and 8 women in the house as contestants. They will be paired and allowed to stay together for two weeks before they will be joined as couples, making it 8 couples in the house. They will then have to battle it out to be the last couple standing.

We’ll keep you posted with updates, evictions and all the gists from ultimatelove.


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