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IJAW YOUTH: Buhari Govt has Failed to protect his people so protect yourself



The Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, IYC recommended other measures for Nigerians ‘ self-protection and added that the Federal Government, led by Mr Muhammadu Buhari, has failed.

The Youth Group congratulated the Governors for the implementation of Operation Amotekun and called on Governors and other leaders of the area to replicate it in their regions. The Southwest Governors were invited.

IYC has stated that, unless President Buhari is in accordance to the unity of diversity, Nigeria will not know peace.

“There is a clear indication of the failure of system in the growing insecurities across the country. The main responsibility for securing life and property in the country has failed the central administration. The people in power in the center of the system have lost control.

” The Nigerians have to find alternative ways to secure their lives under the circumstances.

There is no safe place in the country as the center no longer holds that. Therefore, for the sake of life and property, every State governor should provide an alternative security measure. “IYC praise South-west Governors for taking the daring step of establishing the regional safety unit Amotekun.

” The same gesture should be replicated by each geopolitical region.

“Security is everybody’s business. It has come to an end when each hand has to be on the deck to solve this unshakeable confusion.

The group also condemned the horrifying assassination by the Islamic Boko Haram terrorist group of the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Adamawa, Pastor Lawan Andimi. It said: “To call on the Government to end the serial killing throughout the country, we join in CAN and other well-meant Nigerians.

IYC noted that the lapsing composition of the government’s security structures and lack of willingness to contend with the current quagmire is the cause of increasing insecurity.” President Buhari should also heed his voice of reasons for overhauling his redundant chiefs.

“When Buhari does not rule the country in conformity with our unity of diversity, Nigeria is not going to know peace. For the country, the earlier he did, the better. In accordance with the Constitution, Buhari must rule Nigeria.

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