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CORONAVIRUS: China has more than 600 deaths, and more than 31 thousand infections.



According to official data released early Friday, the death toll and the number of infections continue to rise in China.

National health authorities have reported in the previous 24 hours that more than 70 new deaths and 3,100 new cases have emerged.

The new figures have resulted in at least 636 deaths in China. And there have been up to 31,161 confirmations.

The authorities have said that 69 of the recent deaths in the Hubei Province were at the center of the epidemic, but four deaths outside the Province have occurred: one in Jilin, the Provinces of Henan, the Provinces of Guangdong and the Hainan Provinces.

So far, the vast majority of confirmed deaths have been registered in Hubei, although other Chinese provinces, Hong Kong and the Philippines have reported deaths as well. Over 200 infections outside of China have been reported.

Some doctors suspect that deaths and illnesses in China are underestimated as a virus is being studied by hospitals and laboratories. Health care workers have been called upon by local officials in Hubei Province, the center for the outbreak, to speed up this process.

Many sick people living in Hubei often complain that over-spread hospitals that lack test kits and beds have turned them away.

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