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Thousands of people stranded on cruise ships as Coronavirus kills nearly 500



Via recording of coronavirus infections on board Wednesday, thousands of passengers stumbling on two boat cruises in Japan and Hong Kong, while the death toll in China rose to almost 500.

Japan confirmed the new coronavirus originating in China that infected at least 10 persons on a cruise ship.

The patients came from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States and the Philippines, which is among the nine passengers and a crew member making ten.

Health Minister Katsunobu Kato told a news conference that they were being taken to the hospital in Kanagawa prefecture.

He said that for another 14 days approximately 3,700 passengers and crew members were “in order” to stay on the Diamond Princess ship.

On Saturday after disembarking, a previous passenger in Hong Kong was reported to have the virus, bringing the total number of infections in Japan to 33.

Officials reported conducting on-board testing and sterilization. According to local radio station RTHK, three members of the fever crew were isolated at a hospital in Hong Kong and over 20 crew members who registered symptoms.

According to the National Health Commission, the death toll of the disease in mainland China, where the latest coronavirus started late last year, rose to 490 with 24,324 proof of its transmission.

Coronavirus is spreading more than expected, all effort to curbing the virus, as some people were isolated.

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