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G0 Culture Festival: 4th street Theater (Video and Photos)



It was a celebration and display of the Nigerian culture at the 4th edition of the Street Theater, organized by Go culture festival in Lagos Island recently.

Go Culture festival which started as Cultural pride, organized the street theater with the aim of promoting Nigeria indigenous culture, ideas, customs and beliefs, through Eulogy, dance, drama, music, talking drum and translation.

The brainchild and Former Captain of Olowogbowo/Fanti Carnival, Mr. Idris Coker, while speaking to Omniblog, at the event, explained why he created the platform, what he hopes to achieve with it, presently and in years to come.

“I try to build an environment, where young people and everyone can have an idea of our cultural background and practice the culture as well, so it can help to affect their lives positively.

“I hope to achieve many things with these events, I just want to make a mark and also prove to the world, that it is not until when you have a title, you can effectively serve your community” he added.

According to Idris, in years to come, it will be a cultural concert whereby people will come from all over the world to participate in a form of cultural exchange. Neighboring countries like Ghana, Kenya, Egypts and also countries like India, China and other countries with rich cultural values.

Speaking on why Lagos Island was selected as the location for the event, he said, “Lagos Island is the heartbeat of Lagos and Charity they say, begins at home, I feel I should have a solid foundation here in my hometown before expanding.

“The first to this present edition which happens to be the fourth was done on the Island, next will be on the mainland, we’ve done this carnival at different location on the island, this is the last we having on the island except on request”

A participant, Miss, Fasilat Eletu, who was attending for the first time explained she had heard and read about the event, stating she finds it interesting and educating.

According to Fasilat, “the Genesis of our problems especially here in Lagos, is the fact that we’ve forgotten our origin, history, traditions due to westernization, I think this event will help people fully embrace traditions.

The organisation will be commencing a free education scheme, whereby children will be taught , etiquette, cultural values, how to play musical instruments, like trumpet, drums and suchlike and also will be having its festival on the 18th of April, 2020.

see pictures and video below.

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