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Chrome 79 has been stopped for Android Rollout following bug wipes user data in some applications



Google launched Chrome 79 earlier last week for desktop and mobile users. The update contains several bug fixes and protections against phishing. Because of a problem, however, Google had to stop the roll out following the data loss from several Android apps following the update. Google has stopped the Chrome 79 roll-out on Android now. This bug was reported by mobile app developers who claimed that it resulted in user data being deleted and mobile apps reset.

In Chrome 79, Google developers changed the Chrome tab location. This is the main reason known for the issue. The developers admitted their mistake and said they had forgotten to transfer WebSQL contents to the new Chrome 79 directory. This made the user data unavailable. In response, some users began to give 1-star ratings for the applications affected.

It looked like the app had just reset for users of these devices. Users could not access their data and had their phones signed off. Google says approximately 50 percent of Chrome’s devices have already updated 79. The company claims that they are working on a fix, which would reduce the loss of data so that the update can be made available to all.