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3 Innovative examples of enhanced reality in action:VIRTUAL REALITY IS THE NEXT PHASE



Let’s create our own World

Check out the improved advance and innovative tech in action. Living in a real world sometimes may feel boring that why some people will prefare to spend half of the day in the virtual world and like playing games or using a full converted VR technology that will change everything around you. Developer are now trying to create a big scene which is already around but a more advance Virtual world where people can go off world and spend time.

Take for an example the movie title READY PLAYER ONE, Starring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke and more

Let start with the 1st innovation


Live streaming of an AR race with its 2018 TLX sedan was released this month. Four drivers battled for the fastest overall time during the three-lap individual rounds from behind the wheel of the newest Acura prototype in the AR “What a Race” experience. Either way, the driver and the Facebook Live viewers had a new AR track visible with a unique set of visuals and obstacles to conquer. Viewers were directly brought to the action through cameras mounted on driver helmets. Each driver has been wearing AR technology custom racing helmets

2nd is The U.S.ARMY

With the use of the AR system, the United States military allows troops greater awareness of the situation. The software, known as’ Tactical Augmented Reality,’ is essentially an eyepiece, helping soldiers identify their positions and the locations of others— friends and foes alike.

One day, TAR will replace night vision goggles so soldiers will watch in the morning. The GPS system, which soldiers carry on today, will also be substituted for its handheld positions. The oculary is linked To a phone, wirelessly connected to a thermal region on the rifles or the carbines, which soldiers carry on the waists. The cool part is here: If a soldier aims his gun, you can display through the eyepiece a target picture plus additional information, such as the distance from the target.

The 3rd one is interesting: It called L’Oréal

L’Oréal worked with Perfect Corp. to incorporate the makeup collectors of the brand into the YouCam Makeup app, which challenges the traditional way customers have found, tried, and bought beauty products.

Studies show that testing is essential for today’s makeup buyer, especially the Millennial generation, that are keen to curve, strobe, and correct colour. L’Oréal and Perfect Corp’s partnership puts iPads on beauty counters but also enables consumers to make-up from home or along the way in convenience.

The app currently hosts 64 fans in U.S., India, Mexico, and Russia searching for digital beauty.- look includes a range of L’Oréal Paris items, which users can try and buy via the app, providing a special beauty experience “red carpet” using AR technology. BONUS: Watch Google’s video that predicts how the world will look as digital technology, like VR and AR, is more integrated in the everyday life of the user. Freaky, kind of, okay?

More innovations that will thrill you will come shortly Stay turned.